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Protection and processing of personal data by ELC, Ltd.

ELC, Ltd highly values its clients' trust and respects their privacy. However, in order to provide high professional standards and quality services, it is necessary to obtain and process some client personal data.
According to the National Council of the Slovak Republic Act No. 428/2002 Coll. on personal data privacy in the full wording, the personal data concerned are data regarding a specific, or directly or indirectly specified, natural person who can be identified based on one or more characteristics or features that describe its physical and physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social background.

Clients' trust, professionalism and ethical principles practiced in the course of providing services oblige ELC to keep personal data confidential and to prevent leakage and misuse of such data.
ELC obtains personal data with the client's consent only and in line with the provisions of the Act on personal data privacy; in the course of data processing it provides protection and security of the client's personal data, applies professional principles to personal data processing, protects the client's rights, and responsibly approaches personal data flow across national borders.
The company's information systems are equipped with software, hardware, premises and filing equipment. Client's personal data can be accessed only by authorized persons using personal passwords; personal data databases are stored on media that cannot be accessed from external networks or physically by unauthorized persons. Documents containing personal data are stored on the company's premises and facilities, which minimizes the danger of unauthorized access or misuse.

ELC, Ltd has designated persons responsible for monitoring the protection of personal data, following the provisions of the Act on personal data privacy, instructions for personal data processing and ethical principles. In the interest of the company's clients, the company requires adherence to strict criteria and to the Act also by persons that offer personal data processing services on a contract basis. In case the need for national cross border personal data flow arises, the company is willing to allow such flow only if adequate personal data protection is provided in the destination country.

ELC, Ltd respects the rights of persons affected by Section 20 of the Act on personal data privacy and guarantees its clients that in future it will search for and apply new know-how, measures, processes and methods and it will update its information systems in order not only to maintain but continuously increase the level of personal data protection, processing and security.